Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 ( Swim Wear)

Some update from Miss Universe Malaysia 2013. Photo Credit from Advertlets (Facebook)

Deidre Ann Walker for Miss Universe 2014 (Sabah)

Deidre was the 1st Runner Up of Miss Earth Sabah 2012 and also the 1st Runner Up of Miss Earth Malaysia 2012. I can see her potential in the major beauty competition like Miss Universe Malaysia and Miss World. I hope that she can join any of that major event next year. Few years back, Sabahan candidates was always in the list to win in any competition in national level such as Mandy Nandu, Marie Bibiana Baxter, Appey Rowena.... and i think this is our time to get the title back! so.. Go Deidre!!

Some photos of Deidre as per below:

(Photo Credit from MNE Productions Sdn Bhd and Mel Shazreen Albert) 

Thank you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kieren Laurent , Miss Malaysia Globe 2013

 This is Miss  Kieren Laurent, Miss Malaysia Globe 2012, 1st Runner Up Miss Earth Sabah 2011

Kieren supposed to compete in Miss Globe 2012 in Albania but due to some reason, she unable to join the competition. This is a statement from MGIM Facebook Page:

Dear fans and supporters - We are so sad to announce that Kieren is unable to fly to Albania and represent Malaysia for Miss Globe 2012 due to some issues with the ticket from the issuing airline, she was stuck in KL and unable to check in. There is some error done by the airlines, and the ticket was already been paid for by the Organiser. We are so heartbroken but again, we believe everything hap
pen for a reason, and we are glad it happened when she's in KL and not in Colombo or Rome (transit point). We would like to share this news with everyone, as our fans have been our driving force, and ask for your support and kind prayers. Despite the setback, Kieren will be representing Malaysia for an upcoming international pageant soon and fingers crossed, everything will turn out fine for her :) Please don't stop supporting her and supporting us. We were thinking of purchasing the ticket for her to go but it would cost about RM3.5k for that to happen, anyone willing to chip in??? lolz. Nevertheless, thank you all for your support. We will let you know any latest updates -MGIM-

Even we are sad about this but things happen for reason. Anyway, let us continue to support Kieren! 

Miss Malaysia Universe 2013 Finalist from Sabah!

 Jassinta Mirasol
Age : 25
Hometown : Tawau, Sabah
Hobbies : Playing sports, especially basketball; travelling and experiencing adventures things in life.
Through this pageant, Jassinta would like to inspire other women that it isn’t beauty alone on the outside that matters but also the personality that they bring together with them that will win them the pageant title.
Jassinta appreciates the various cultural backgrounds we enjoy here in Malaysia. Having studied in the field of tourism management has helped her to develop an in-depth knowledge about the various cultures and traditions here, while having friends from other backgrounds and states have given her a deep respect for each others’ beliefs, despite being different.
She garners joy from helping other people and motivates her to constantly strive towards becoming a better person. She has participated in various charitable works involving old folks, foster children, animals and the environment By helping other people, she has also learnt to appreciate life, rather than blaming others for a particular circumstance.

May Salitah Naru Kiob
Age : 24
Hometown : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Hobbies : Reading and surfing the internet
Having always been told that she was too short to represent Malaysia in a pageant at an international level, May refused to let these comments be a hindrance, but rather, drew her inspiration from Miss USA this year, who is petite herself. Nevertheless, she is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the pageant and is all set to show Malaysia what she’s made of.
May loves being part of competitions, describing herself as a very competitive person. She enjoys the thrill of competing, adding that it challenges her each time she takes part in any competition, regardless of whether she wins or not. She has previously participated in other pageants, as well as competitions related to public speaking and debating, swimming and singing in choirs.
She adds that in order to be competitive, one has to be determined, focused, and passionate in everything that one wants to achieve. May also has a unique ability to entertain other people and make them laugh by impersonating different characters. She hopes to be a TV host one day.
Source: Miss Malaysia Universe Website
This is cool! Good Luck to both of them. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fenney Doimis for Miss Earth Sabah 2013?

Fenney Doimis from Penampang

Wedylin Patin Ginsilan for Miss Earth Sabah 2013

There are lots of potential in Sabah , Borneo for international paegent . Sadly, the exposure is not that much ang most of the competition conqured  by 'them' in Penisular Malaysia. Every year, we can see that only specific races ( please don't quote as racist remark) representing Malaysia in to the international level. Compare to Philippines, Indonesia and some other Asian countries, they really send their best candidates and you can seee their country faces if I may say that.

Well, Sabah, Borneo is a part of Malaysia and the second largest state in this country. There are many faces that we can say it as an "excotic beauty" who can potentially represent this country to international level..

Recently, Wedylin Patin Ginsilan, from Papar competed in one of the beauty pageant in Kota Kinabalu and she won 1st runner up ( She deserved to win it actually). Maybe, she has the look to be Miss Earth Sabah 2013? or Miss Sabah Universe 2013? What is your comment?

Stay Tune to this blog for an updates about her and other

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sabah Beauty : Fenney & Wendy

There are lots of beauty contest organized by local organizer in Sabah. Suddenly, this 2 lady, Wendy and Fenney attract my attention. Both of them are Kadazan Dusun. Looking into the National level competition such as Miss Universe Malaysia, Miss Earth Malaysia, Miss International Malaysia and some other competition, mostly the winner were the Eurasian, Chinese and Indian. Im not a racist but you can find Chinese in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.. India in India and Sri Langka, and Eurasian in Asiaa region but you can't find the Exotic beauty of Borneo especially Sabahan. I hope that Sabah beuty will shine in international level one day representing Malaysia. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Unduk Ngadau 2012

Akhirnya segala persoalan mengenai dengan Unduk Ngadau 2012 telah terjawab. Berikut merupakan keputusan rasmi Unduk Ngadau 2012:
 Unduk Ngadau 2012: Cik Melinda Louis mewakili Telupid
1st Runner Up : Cik Fenney Doimis mewakili DBKK
2nd Runner Up: CikMeryl Foster Paladius mewakili Tambunan
 Cik Melinda Louis
 Top 7 Unduk Ngadau 2012
 Cik Fenney Doimis
 Senyuman kegembiraan seorang Unduk Ngadau
 Debaran menanti Fenney dan Melinda
 Meryl Foster Paladius 
Top 3!

Johan: Melinda Louis (Telupid)
Hadiah: Wang Tunai RM5,000 dari Guinnes Anchor Marketing, Pewter Trophy With Gold Trimming bernilai RM1,600 ditaja oleh  Huguan Siou Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Biasiawa Diploma dari Asian Tourism International College bernilai RM25,000, Mahkota dan Barang Kemas bernilai RM8,300 dari Diamoney Jewellery Holdings, Samsung Smartphone bersama langganan internet percuma selama setahun, Gold Edition Hotel Voucher, Hamper, Produk Kecantikan dari Innershine, Produk Kecantikan dari Victoria Jackson, Selendang Kemenangan and Sejambak Bunga dari penganjur.

Naib Johan: Fenny Doimis (Kota Kinabalu)
Hadiah: Wang Tunai RM4,000 dari Guinnes Anchor Marketing, Pewter Trophy bernilai RM1,400 ditaja oleh  Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Ongkili, Barang Kemas bernilai RM5,300 dari Diamoney Jewellery Holdings, Samsung Smartphone bersama langganan internet percuma selama setahun, Hamper, Produk Kecantikan dari Innershine dan Sejambak Bunga dari penganjur.

Tempat ke tiga: Meryl Foster Paladius (Tambunan)
Hadiah: Wang Tunai RM3,000 dari Guinnes Anchor Marketing, Pewter Trophy bernilai RM1,200 ditaja oleh  Datuk Yee Moh Chai, Barang Kemas bernilai RM3,000 dari Diamoney Jewellery Holdings, Samsung Smartphone bersama langganan internet percuma selama setahun, Hamper, Produk Kecantikan dari Innershine dan Sejambak Bunga dari penganjur.

Tempat ke empat: Vanessa Samantha Manih (Tanjung Aru)

Tempat ke lima: Samantha Sharon C.E. Laujang (Penampang)

Tempat ke enam: Milviana Madrigal (Kota Belud)

Tempat ke tujuh: Raemma Justim (Tuaran) 

HADIAH: Masing-masing membawa pulang wang tunai RM700 dari Guinnes Anchor Marketing, Pewter Trophy bernilai RM700, barang kemas bernilai RM1,100 dari Diamoney Jewellery Holdings, Samsung Smartphone bersama langganan internet percuma selama setahun, produk kecantikan dari Innershine dan sejambak bunga dari penganjur.

Miss Popular DiGi: Juslinah Dian Rangga (Tawau )
Hadiah: Mahkota dan Selendang bernilai RM290, Samsung Smartphone bersama langganan internet percuma selama setahun dan Sejambak Bunga yang ditaja oleh DiGi Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd.