Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 ( Swim Wear)

Some update from Miss Universe Malaysia 2013. Photo Credit from Advertlets (Facebook)

Deidre Ann Walker for Miss Universe 2014 (Sabah)

Deidre was the 1st Runner Up of Miss Earth Sabah 2012 and also the 1st Runner Up of Miss Earth Malaysia 2012. I can see her potential in the major beauty competition like Miss Universe Malaysia and Miss World. I hope that she can join any of that major event next year. Few years back, Sabahan candidates was always in the list to win in any competition in national level such as Mandy Nandu, Marie Bibiana Baxter, Appey Rowena.... and i think this is our time to get the title back! so.. Go Deidre!!

Some photos of Deidre as per below:

(Photo Credit from MNE Productions Sdn Bhd and Mel Shazreen Albert) 

Thank you!